Aviv's best friend during his childhood was a small lizard named Ben. He rescued Ben from under a rock in the south of Israel where he grew up. His childhood's landscape was made out of the Israeli desert where his parents were sent to take care of the mighty and historical Massada archeological site. Living in the middle of the desert wasn't always easy, but Aviv loved it. He used to take hours long trips returning home at sunset with stories and adventures. It was during those walks that he discovered that storytelling was his passion and visual was his method to do so.

He enrolled to the acclaimed 'Sam Spiegel" film school in Jerusalem and quickly became one of Israel's youngest and most promising directors, winning numerous awards and taking the Israeli commercials market by storm. He is known for his natural ability to take his actors to their highest performance level. He makes it look almost unscripted and effortless. Like those stories that he created being a little boy. That helped him create some of Israeli most remarkable spots. Well known and respected for his work with world's famous actors, sportsmen, TV-stars etc. Added marketing success to such brands as Nissan, Volkswagen, Subaru, Renault, Coca Cola, Elite, Danone, Mc Donald's, Fox, HBO, Netflix and many others.

Aviv has mastered the art of sticking to challenging budgets and schedules, under which he thrives. Flexibility is the key and being resourceful under pressure are what make Aviv a brilliant professional.